A 2019 Jewelry Trend Forecast

Trends come and go at the blink of an eye. Luckily, well keep you looking on point with our list of our favourite ones (that will hopefully last a little longer than others cough– fidget spinner earrings -cough-). From food jewellery to stacked rings, we have you covered – and maybe you‘ll find a trend that you like after reading this. Here is our 2019 jewelry (or jewellery) trend forecast.

layered necklaces

1. Layered Necklaces

Necklaces are great on their own, but there’s just something about the layered look that really brings an outfit together. Combining a choker with any length of necklace is always a safe bet, but why stop it at one addtional accessory? The style is so popular that there are packs of necklaces available, both single and  layered. Not to mention with 30″ chains being so popular, have some fun with it. The creativity that comes with mixing and matching makes this one of our favourite trends.

mixed earrings trends

2. Mixed Earrings

Mixing studs has been popular for a while – whether you bought a pack of assorted and took the liberty of pairing two together or buying a mismatched pair. The trend has extended to chain drops and hoop earrings. So long as the mixed pair compliment each other well, this is one of the trends we’re on board with.

 Stackable Rings trends

3. Stacked Rings

Stacked rings are always a cute addition to any outfit. Plain bands are always a safe bet, but why not have fun with it? Signet rings are a popular and classy choice for stacking. Plain bands, dainty designs, and colourful stones are also popular choices to go with.

big hoops trends

4. Big, Bold Earrings

Time and time again, this trend reemerges – and every time it gets better! Big and bold isn’t subject to simply large bling. There are earrings with intricate designs, bright colours, and even odd shapes. Shop around and see what compliments your personality best. Just make sure they feel comfortable.

drop chain earrings trends
Courtesy of: pexels.com

5. Chain Drop

We will never get tired of a classy chain drop. Some are as simple as having pearls or cubic zarconia at the bottom, while others consist of several chains falling from a stud. It’s such an elegant look that we can see this being one of the longer lasting trends.

food jewellery trends

6. Food Jewellery

Alright, so not everyone wants a pizza ring or a sushi necklace, but there are lots of people who do! Don’t worry, there’s a huge buffet to choose from! The selection isn’t limited to strict food, either. Cutlery are avalable in matching and mismatching sets. Who doesn’t think this spoon and fork set is cute? Some of our favourites include pineapples, avacados, and coffee cups.

cat jewellery trends

7. Animal Jewellery

Again, not everyone likes the idea of having a pair of kitten earrings or lovebirds sitting on a ring – but we do! If you name it, there’s a high chance there’s some kind of jewellery for it. The great thing about it is how creative some jewellery designers can be with it.

opal trends

8. Opal Everything!

You don’t have to be born in October to wear opal! Be it rings, studs, it doesn’t matter, opal is timeless and here to stay. The great thing about opal is that it comes in so many different colours, it goes with just about anything.

stackable bracelets trends

9. Stacked Braclets

#armparty! Now, we aren’t talking about layering your entire arm with bracelets, but having multiple does add an extra something to every outfit. It’s not that hard to find delicate cuffs or bold bangles. Mix and match with textures, colours, and even add in a watch.

big hoops trends

10. Hoops

Need we say anymore? Big hoops are back in! We’re talking 70mm and larger. That’s right, you can get hoops that drape your shoulders. These are great for going out, so long as you don’t do anything too physical. Remember, fashion is fantastic as long as it’s safe.

gold jewellery trends

11. Gold Coloured

Gold jewellery is a timeless look and will never go out of fashion – at least not for long. Alright, so technically it isn’t a trend, but gold jewellery is a must-have anyway, so we might as well add it in. Whether you’re more into vintage and classy styles or modern and minimalist, make sure to add some gold to your wardrobe.

rose gold jewellery trends

12. Rosegold Coloured

Rosegold likes to come in and out of fashion every so often, but it isn’t as popular compared to gold or silver. Some styles are hard to find in this colour, but rest assured, it will look good on you. Rosegold is great for every skintone and is more feminine than yellow. Again, it doesn’t matter your style, it’s a great to have .

choker trends

13. Chokers

Everyone needs a good choker. This is one of the many returning 90s trends we’re fans of. These don’t come in simple plastic designs anymore – there’s a huge variety to choose from now. You’ve got leather, lace, silver, and many more.

nature inpired jewellery trends

14. Nature-Inspired Jewellery

This is one old but fun trend we’re all about. We’re talking feathers, leaves, trees and just about any other part of nature. These earthy designs and textures are a great addition to any outfit, especially during the summer and fall months. In summer we lean more towards floral designs and opal variations while in fall more trees and feathers.

Agree? Did we miss your favourites? Comment to let us know about your jewelry trend forecast!

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