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10 Easy Easter Gift Ideas

Picking the perfect Easter gift can be hard to pick out, especially with so many options these days. There are traditional options, modern choices, and everything in between. To speed up the process, we’ve put together a list that will make deciding much easier.

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1.Religious Jewellery

Giving a cross necklace or a rosary is one of the more traditional gifts to give. After all, Easter is a major holiday among Catholics. Crosses come in so many different sizes and designs, so chances are you’ll be gifting them a cross or rosary they don’t already have.

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2. Mini Chocolate Eggs

Another classic choice for Easter gifts is chocolate. The tradition began during the 19th Century in Germany and France, back when the sweet was actually bitter and hard. As for eggs, it’s believed that the egg is a symbol of new life, which ties into both spring and the resurrection of Jesus. As far as an Easter gift goes, this is one you can’t go wrong with.

easter gift ideas
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3. Baked Goods

If you’re picking up on the common theme here, then you can see where this is going. Baked goods do require some time, but people usually appreciate the fact that you put effort into them. If you’re not one for baking though, you can always buy some themed sweets, of course. This is another fool-proof Easter gift idea, so if plans A through C don’t work, you can always fall back on this one.

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4. Giant Chocolate Eggs

This one ties into mini eggs, but the giant ones usually come with something small like toys or more chocolates. Kids (and some adults) will be thirlled to recive this Easter gift.

5. Egg Waffle Puff Pan

Egg waffles are increasing in popularity among many coffee shops and pastry stores. For anyone who doesn’t know, egg waffles are essentially the same as western ones, but have convex ovals instead of concave squares. Sometimes they’re filled with jams or chocolate spreads, and other times they’re served with ice cream.

Anyone who enjoys baking would be happy to receive this as an Easter gift.

easter gift ideas
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6. Stuffed Animals6. Stuffed Animals

Young kids are usually fans of stuffed animals, so it’s a safe idea to go with this. Usually spring animals like chicks and bunnies are popular.

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7. Bunny Jewellery

Bunnies are a popular part of Easter for a number of reasons. If you have a fan of rabbits, bunnies, and hares in your life, then this is another good Easter Gift idea. You can find both realistic and cartoon looking pieces, so it really just depends on the recipiant’s preference.

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8. Flowers

Flowers are a common gift to give at any time of year, but especially at Easter. Usually seasonal plants like tulips, daffodils, and crocuses are popular, but anything that seems spring-like will be fine.

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9. Easter Baskets

For anyone who’s a fan of DIY projects, this one is for you. Filling up a basket full of gifts that a loved one will enjoy is a great idea. You can use a traditional or modern basket – it’s what’s inside that counts. Want to take it up a notch? Give them an empty basket and send them on a hunt for their Easter gift instead of eggs.

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10. Subscription Box Trial

There are a few different boxes that will allow you to give subscription box trials as a gift. These boxes are so popular and so common that there’s something for everyone. From men’s clothing, women’s jewellery, and even books, there’s an option for everyone on your Easter gift list.

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