7 of the Best Gemstones You May not Know About

There isnt a single gemstone thats considered the best of the best gemstones ever, but there are some that stand out from the crowd. Sure, amethyst, sapphire, and ruby are gorgeous in their own right. However, while they are popular, we thought wed shine a light on a few others that arent constantly talked about. Here are seven of the best gemstones you may not know about.

jade best gemstones
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1. Jade

If you look at some of the art from the time, you’ll notice a lot of jade being used in portraits of royal family members and statues. That’s because this gemstone has been used in China since approximately 2950 B.C. It’s also found in the tombs of former emperors because of the belief that jade holds special properties.

Even today jade is used as a form of protection from harm and preserving bodies after death. A lot of statues and figurines are made with that in mind so people can have some sense of comfort in their homes or places of work.

When it comes to jewellery, though, jade is a fantastic addition to any earthy or fall-themed wardrobes.

All this said, jJade is one of the best gemstones to keep in your repertoire.

moonstone best gemstone
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2. Moonstone

Ancient Romans and Greeks believed this stone was associated with deities, moonstone was also popular during the Art Neuvo period.

Despite the fact that it’s inexpensive compared to other gemstones, the “glowing” appearance it give off is often reason enough to give it a chance. Sometimes you can see a cat’s eye effect, or chatoyancy. This is when the stone is polished enough that a thin line runs down the middle of the stone reflecting light. If you’re really lucky, you’ll see asterism, which is similar to the cat’s eye effect, but in the shape of a four-point star.

morgonite best gemstones
Courtesy of: Don Guennie via Wikimedia.com

3. Morganite

This gemstone is usually a pinkish colour, making many people seeing it as a symbol of love. A strain of beryl similar to aquamarine or emeralds, this is one popular gemstone for its durability and lustre. It’s a relatively new stone having only been found in 1910, and considered somewhat of a rarity.

The great thing about morganite is how clean it is. The colour and brilliance is clean, making it suitable to wear at just about any event. You can dress it up or down, and it’s recently been a popular choice for engagement rings. Unlike other stones, morganite can but cut into just about any shape for rings. With that ability, thereès so much room for creativity, which is why we think itès one of the best gemstones around.

best gemstones
Courtesy of: Deomar Pandan via Wikimedia.com

4. Onyx

The use of onyx goes as far back as the Second Dynasty of Egypt, when it was used for pottery. Since then, onyx has been used in jewellery like beads and cameo jewellery, as well as statues, and can be found in German, Brazillian, and Austrian history.

Onyx is great no matter the colour. Black onyx has a classy and sophisticated look while sard onyx is more fun and contemporary. Yellow and green onyx are used more for architecture or art, but there’s bound to be some pieces you can add to your wardrobe. Whatever colour you choose just be sure to flaunt it with style.

best gemstones
Courtesy of: Sebakoamber via Wikicommons.com

5. Amber

Considered to be one of the most popular gemstones int he world, Amber is known for it’s warm colours and beauty. That said, purple, green, and blue amber has been found occasionally. It’s made up of prehistoric fossilized tree sap and can sometimes contain bugs, plants, or other organisms from that era.

With that in mind, amber isn’t as durable as other gemstones. It’s easy to scratch and can be damaged by certain substances.

best gemstones
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6. Turquoise

Centuries may have passed, but turquoise still remains one of the most popular gemstones to this day. Its common to see both men and women sporting this stone because of that extra bit of flair it adds to any ensemble. There are pieces with more black patches, fewer, or none at all. The black webbing pattern is unique to every stone, so each piece is special in its own way. This makes it one of the best gemstones around.

Theres also the fact that turquoise is very rare, making it one of the more expensive stones. With that in mind, its important to keep an eye out for fake or imitation turquoise.

best gemstones
Courtesy of: Wikimedia.com

7. Spinel

If you havent heard about this one, thats fine, not many people have. The spinel is often times confused for rubies or sapphires – so often so that even the British Imperial Crown has a spinel that was thought to be a ruby.

Spinels are popular because of their great colour and clarity. Theyre becoming more popular, but they still arenèt as easy to identify, even with modern technology. They can be found in all kinds of colours, making them a great addition to any piece, and one of the best gemstones of all.

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