20 Cute Novelty Jewellery Pieces

Everyone loves to wear big, bold, flashy jewellery, but sometimes you want something more unique. That’s where novelty jewellery comes in. The everyday, quirky, fun, and unusual stuff that you may want to wear when you’re looking for something to set you apart from other people. Here’s our list of cute novelty jewellery and where to get it.

animal jewellery
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1. Anything Mary Lou

Mary Lou is known for making some of the cutest novelty jewellery pieces. The sloth ring, fox studs, and hedgehog ring a just a few examples. Made of enamel and brass, these little critters are sure to add a little something extra to any outfit.

novelty jewellery

2. Yes/No Studs

Can’t make up your mind? Let the studs do it for you!

spider studs novelty

3. Spider Studs

Fans of Halloween, arachnophiliacs, and anyone in general who’s looking for cute but unconventional studs will love these. Why not pair them with a snake ring?

novelty jewellery
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4. Coordinates Necklace

The directional trend seems to return every summer, but these necklaces are just too cute to not wear year-round. Submit any latitude and longitude to have engraved on your neck – or gift it to someone! Send in your childhood home, the forest you like to go hiking, or any other location you want.

novelty jewellery

5. Hand Pendant

Anatomy is very popular right now. Faces, bones, and hearts are just some examples, so why, not an arm? This particular one is of the “I Love You” symbol in sign language, but there are many others to be found.

food jewellery
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6. BFF Avacado Necklaces

Food jewellery is always in, but these are just too cute to not add to the list. This pair of novelty jewellery even has a pit shaped like a heart. Aww!

novelty jewellery

7. Pyramid Studs

Geometric jewellery is so in! Need we sat more?

star trek jewellery
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8. Star Trek Necklace

You may not be able to be beamed up to space, but you’ll look out of this world! Star Trek fans of all ages will enjoy sporting this cool bit of sci-fi merchandise.

novelty jewellery

9. Key and Lock Studs

These cute mismatched studs are too cute to just wear on Valentine’s Day. Available in silver and rose gold, you’ll want to sport them all year round.

pizza jewellery
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10. Pizza BFF Necklace

Pizza is always better shared, right?

coffee jewellery
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11. Coffee Molecule Studs

Coffee fans will love this cute pair of studs, especially with the molecule for caffine with it. This cute piece of novelty jewellery is cute enough to wear with just about anything.

toronto jewellery

12. Toronto Jewellery

Locals will want to represent the city titled “fascinatingly boring” by The Guardian. Home of the likes of Drake, Rush, and Margaret Atwood, yet known to be one of the safest North American cities, why not show off a bit of pride?

novelty jewellery

13. Shopping Bag Pendant

Calling all shopaholics! Check out this cute little piece of novelty jewellery to show off your passion for fashion.

space earrings
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14. Solar System Studs

Mix and match these cute studs to come up with a number of different combinations.

 cat rings

15. Cat Jewellery

It seems like cat jewellery never goes out of fashion. These cute studs are a great accessory to any outfit, and even has a matching bracelet. Or maybe this adorable cat ring paired with this sitting cat silhouette necklace? There are just too many options to choose from.

harry potter jewellery
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16. Harry Potter Studs

Do you solemnly swear that you’re up to no good? Fans of the wizarding world will fall in love with these cute little studs.

emoji jewellery
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17. Emoji Studs

People who love their phones will enjoy this pack of emoji studs. This novelty jewellery set is fun, cute, and shows off your whimsical side. There’s no miscommunicating how you’re feeling while wearing these.

novelty jewellery

18. Fork and Spoon Studs

Silverware never looked so cute! These are quirky enough to add something a little extra to your outfit.

crown ring

19. Crown Rings

There’s just something about wearing crown rings that gives any outfit the fabulous boost it needs. They add an extra flair that some other types of jewellery don’t add.

moveable pendants

20. Moveable Pendants

Novelty jewellery doesn’t have to fit into a certain mould, making it so much fun to wear. Moveable pendants are an example of this. They’re subtle enough that they aren’t incredibly ostentatious, but not super modest, either.

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