2020 jewellery trends

11 2020 Jewellery Trends We’re Excited About!

2020 barely started, but that doesn’t stop jewellery trends from changing! We’re predicting lots of colour, chain links, and other gorgeous designs that will have you excited to get outside and show them off (even if it’s -20 below)!

1. Acrylic Earrings

Essentially, acrylic is a sturdy plastic that allows for colourful and unique shapes when it comes to making jewellery. It’s fairly durable and is sure to last quite some time as long as it’s taken care of. It’s great for people who like to have a larger colour palette and more designs to wear.

2. Recycled Jewellery

This is one of the broader 2020 jewellery trends, seeing as how “recycled” can mean just about anything. It could be a set of vintage earrings found at a thrift store or an old-school chain that was melted down and transformed into a new ring. It’s just as the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

3. Natural and Organic Motifs

We saw this trend rise and fall in 2019 with puka shells and fruit, but sure enough, it’s making its way back around. While there isn’t any one particular design that’s said to be popular, many people are pointing towards other seashells and organic, abstract shapes.

4. Bright Enamel Colours

Enamel is a glassy substance that’s usually applied to metal-based jewellery to add colours that aren’t otherwise possible for those materials. While there was a mini-surge of darker coloured enamels in 2019, many are suggesting some major 2020 jewellery trends will include bright colours.

5. XXL Hoops

Remember those big hoops from a few years ago? Expect bigger, bolder, more ornate ones!!

6. Abstract Stones

As mentioned before, many 2020 jewellery trends will revolve around bright colours, and stones are going to be part of this trend. However, expect less-than-traditional shapes, and more asymmetrical or abstract ones.

7. More Ball Jewellery

Silver, gold, or pearl – it doesn’t matter the material, just expect many ball bracelets, earrings, and necklaces! Also, the bigger the better!

8. Chunkier Chain Link Necklaces

It seems like 2020 is going to be another year of big, bold jewellery! Most people go for a curb, anchor, or paperclip chain, but if there’s one style you prefer, why not go with that?

9. Regular-Sized Chain Link Bracelets

While people may sport thicker chains around their necks, it’s not practical to wear a chunky bracelet chain (especially if you work in an office and type all day). Many people are opting instead to wear regular sized chain link bracelets. Still not a fan? Try hallow ones, since they’re much lighter and easier to work with.

10. Lariats

Nothing is cooler than a good lariat! Now that they’re back in fashion, have fun playing with different designs and how they look on different necklines or layered with different chains. Lariats are perfect for people who like to use fashion as a form of creative expression, so go ahead and experiment!

11. Custom or Semi-Custom Jewellery

Custom or semi-custom jewellery is going to be one of the more popular 2020 jewellery trends (albeit a bit pricier, too). Think about it: how cool is it to have your personalized piece of jewellery from your favourite designer? Or perhaps you like that band ring from your favourite shop but you tweak it a little to have an important date engraved into it? Either way, this is another creative way to show off your style!

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