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16 Fall Trends of 2020

With autumn right around the corner, it’s time to stock up on all the hottest fall trends! For the most part, everything is based on thick chains and gold colours, but they aren’t the only items that should be looked at. Many fall trends are perfect for self-expression this year, and with that in mind, shouldn’t be overlooked because of all the chains and gold items. We’ve put together a list of all the fall trends we’re excited about so you can get started on your next collection.

fall trends

1. Thick Statement Rings

Statement rings don’t have to be adorned with huge gemstones or display wild marcasite designs. They can be minimalist, and they can say a lot without being so ostentatious. Many people are sporting rounded band rings or dome rings that, while they aren’t visible from space, they still are eye-catching. This is one of our favourite fall trends because there’s more room for self-expression without having to wear something out of your comfort zone.

fall trends

2. Thick Chains

Thick chains aren’t going anywhere soon! They can take an outfit from plain and average to Instagram ready in the blink of an eye! The most popular chains have been anchor, paperclip, and curb, but there are many others to choose from. Figaro, rolo, and puffed gucci are just a few others that may be seen more as fall trends hit the stores.

fall trends

3. Chains with Charms

Sometimes dainty jewellery can get lost in the layers of sweaters and jackets. While we love the look of these minimalist pieces, adding an extra “je ne sais quoi” to them can really make them stand out – and that just may be as simple as a charm or two. Charms can add a lot of personality to a single chain, and the more you add, the more character is shown in an outfit. Charms are a fantastic way to make an outfit unique, since there are so many to choose from! The most popular right now? Padlocks, of course!

fall trends

4. Leaf and Tree Jewellery

Nothing quite says “fall” like leaves and trees. These nature-inspired pieces are the perfect way to reflect how we’re feeling during autumn!

fall trends

5. Rainbow Jewellery

Rainbow jewellery isn’t restricted to the hot summer months this year! Now that the lockdown and restrictions are almost gone, people are using it as an opportunity to show their true colours through their accessories – we don’t blame them! Colourful jewellery will look lovely against the fall backdrop during (possible) apple picking and pumpkin-patch trips. We’re happy to see that rainbow jewellery has made itself one of the more fun fall trends.

fall trends

6. Owl Jewellery

Owls are always a staple in fall. These majestic and wise creatures are a safe bet when it comes to fashion. Many people like the symbolism behind them, while others think they’re simply cute. Either way, there are several different styles and designs to choose from, so there’s something for everyone.

fall trends

7. Abstract and Organic Shapes

Unusual, artistic, and unplanned – organic shapes are going to be popular this season. There’s no symbolism and no meaning, they are simply appealing to the eye.

fall trends

8. Pearls, Pearls, Pearls!

We saw the trend of pearls during the summer season, but don’t expect them to go away anytime soon. In fact, many industry professionals are saying you should be wearing more pearl accessories together come the cooler months. As far as fall trends go, this is one of our faves!

fall trends
Courtesy of: Jamie via Flickr.com

9. Gold Chokers

This fall you can expect to see more gold (and gold plated) chokers. This surge in gold items can be related to the changing of the leaves and the use of more warm tones in fashion, but it also could just be because gold is beautiful!

fall trends

10. Oversized Earrings

With the cooler weather comes more layers, and with that comes bigger jewellery. Oversized earrings will be making their way onto the market this autumn – and we’re not just talking about hoops this time.

fall trends

11. Diamond Huggies

Huggies (or mini hoops) have been around for ages – at this point, they’re a staple in fashion. However, expect these to be adorned with diamonds during the fall trends this season.

fall trends

12. Anklets

That’s right: anklet season is being extended this year! With autumn being so mild the past few years, many people don’t bring out their boots right away. This allows people to continue to wear their anklets even after summer’s gone. With autumn comes many stocking colours and styles, so be sure to find something that will go well with many different outfits.

fall trends

13. Fringed Jewellery

Think waterfall necklaces! These beautiful pieces are a great method of self-expression in fashion. They’re a unique addition to anyone’s wardrobe, and can be available in all kinds of styles: big and chunky, small and dainty – it all depends on how you want to showcase the more abstract accessories of the fall trends.

fall trends
Courtesy of: Public Domain Pictures

14. Chain Belts

Get ready for chain belts to make their comeback! You can find these in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and they’re a great way to add something different to an outfit. Much like body jewellery, we recommend to play it safe, since it is a hard look to pull off properly.

fall trends
Courtesy of: denise carbonell via Flickr.com

15. Chain Watch Bands

Expect to see more watches on the market being attached to chains rather than leather or silicone. This is one of those fall trends that we’ve seen throughout the years, but haven’t really taken advantage of, especially with thick chains being so popular right now. Picture a nice watch face attached to a thick curb chain – yeah, we like that idea, too!

fall trends
Courtesy of: Viola Pyak via Pinterest.com

16. Built-In Jewellery

Sometimes jewellery doesn’t have to be restricted to it’s most common form. Many major figures in the industry are saying that having jewellery built into fashion is going to be a trend this coming season. Think of those pearl headbands we’ve been seeing a lot of, or purses with chain straps. This fall, expect to see gems on sunglasses and chains on boots. It’s a nice way to spread out the shine that jewellery has throughout an outfit.

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