must-have nature-inspired jewellery

13 Must-Have Nature-Inspired Jewellery Pieces

Nature is by far the best place to turn to when looking for inspiration. Some of the most beautiful art pieces have come from landscapes and views of the sea – and jewellery is no different. We’ve compiled a list we consider to be must-have nature-inspired jewellery pieces consisting of both silver and gold. Are your favourites on the list?

must-have nature-inspired jewellery

1. Feather Studs

These mini 10k gold feather studs are perfect for autumn! They fit perfectly with the current minimalist trend that’s been taking over the fashion industry for the past few years. Pair them with a thin gold chain or a simple band ring for maximum effect. No matter how they’re worn, we all agree that this is a must-have nature-inspired jewellery piece.

must-have nature-inspired jewellery

2. Tree Jewellery

Whether it’s birch bark patterns or a spruce silhouette, trees are always in style. There are many different styles and designs to choose from, so be sure to find out what kind appeal to your customers the most.

must-have nature-inspired jewellery

3. Leaves

Leaves are always a popular trend around this time of year. Maybe it’s because of the change of colours, or because of the symbolism behind trees shedding leaves. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a simple leaf, making it a must-have nature-inspired jewellery piece.

must-have nature-inspired jewellery

4. Flowers and Floral Motifs

Flowers and floral motifs tend to do better in spring and summer, but it’s still very common to see them in fall and winter. Flowers can be an elegant and classy way to add little details to an outfit without overpowering it. There are many different ones to choose from, so do a bit of digging before choosing which to stock up on.

must-have nature-inspired jewellery

5. Mini Owl Earrings

There are traditional wise, old owls and modern, minimalist ones. Our favourites are the teeny tiny owl earrings that dangle. They may be small, but when worn with fall oranges, reds, and yellows, do they ever shine! They’re the must-have nature-inspired jewellery piece for all bird lovers out there.

must-have nature-inspired jewellery

6. Starfish Anklet

Nothing says summer like starfish and anklets, right? Well, what if we told you we have the perfect must-have nature-inspired jewellery piece that combines the two? That’s right, the starfish anklet is the best of both worlds!

must-have nature-inspired jewellery

7. Seashells

A classic summer motif, seashells are absolutely lovely. HOJ has a sterling silver diamond cut seashell that is exactly the type of charm for all your clients who love summer.

must-have nature-inspired jewellery

8. Turtle Anklet

Turtles are too cute! They’re some of the oldest animals on the planet and have a lot of legend and lore behind them. One of our favourite pieces is our turtle anklet. It’s cute, fun, and is perfect for your summer #ootd photoshoot.

must-hae nature-inspired jewellery

9. Pearls

Alright, so it’s not “inspired” if it’s actually from nature, but there’s no denying that pearls are the perfect way to wear an homage to Mother Nature. HOJ staff agree that the Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace is a favourite in the office.

must-have nature-inspired jewellery

10. Stars

Shine bright with stars! Stars are perfect for year-round wear, especially in the winter. HOJ carries many silver options, but by far our favourite is the 10k star cluster stud. It’s definitely a must-have nature-inspired jewellery piece that everyone should add to their collection.

must-have nature-inspired jewellery

11. Moons

The moon holds a lot of symbolism to humans for many reasons, one of which is its beauty. Naturally, lunar motifs are a must-have nature-inspired jewellery trend. For HOJ, it’s a tough choice because of how many lovely moon pieces we have, but one of our all-time best-sellers includes our thick mini moons. They’re perfect for people with single or multiple piercings, and gives off a great shine in the sun!

must-have nature-inspired jewellery

12. Suns

You can’t talk about nature without mentioning the sun! HOJ has a lot of fun pieces, but one of our top picks is our classic diamond cut sun charm! It’s reminiscent of vintage, old-school witchy-looking jewellery that reappears every summer for the last few decades. It’s a must-have nature-inspired jewellery piece to add to your collection.

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