Top Trending Jewellery for Father’s Day 2022

Looking for the perfect pieces for this Father’s day? You have landed on the right page, we have the ultimate top trending jewellery for Father’s Day gift ideas your customers may be looking for on this special day! With more men experimenting with jewellery than ever before, jewellery is the perfect gift idea for our fathers. It can be challenging to know what to have as part of your collection so we came up with a guide of pieces that would be perfect for this holiday.

Personalized jewellery

First up we have personalized jewellery. Being able to have pieces that can be engraved in your collection for holidays like Father’s Day can make them feel special. Our ID Curb Bracelet is a superb piece of jewellery that any dad will appreciate. Not only is it a very stylish piece that can be worn formally or informally, but it is also a personal piece that can be engraved adding a memorable touch to it. Now, who doesn’t like personalized jewellery?

Featured Jewellery: ID-GD-250-RH

Tie Bars

A lot of dads have more ties than they even know about… but what about tie bars? Rather than adding to Dad’s collection of endless ties, tie bars can add a spark to a tie and can be worn with every tie they own. Our tie bars come in a wide variety of styles and nothing says stylish like a flash of silver across a tie. Not only do tie bars add a stylish, modern look to a suit but also keep the tie straight and clean!

Featured Jewellery: TB-107


You can never go wrong with cufflinks. Cufflinks are the hallmark of a stylish, well-dressed man. There are a lot of choices when it comes to picking a pair but to make it more sentimental, we suggest purchasing a clean and simple pair. This allows you to add more value to the piece as you can get it personalized and engrave it with initials or a special date, designing a gift that will be cherished forever by your customer.

Featured Jewellery: CL-114

At House of Jewellery, we’re here to help you find the perfect pieces for any occasion. Visit our website at www.houseofjewellery.com and browse through the variety of collections we have to offer. For more of a visual idea of the different types of Father’s Day jewellery we carry, watch our new Youtube video here. We are sure that you may find the perfect pieces to add to your collection just before Father’s Day! 

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