Understanding Jewellery Symbolism and Their Hidden Meaning

Symbols have been an integral part of our daily lives and play a powerful role in how we express ourselves. When it comes to jewellery, some wear meaningful jewellery as a symbol of their culture or faith, whereas others wear them as amulets for prosperity and protection. If you’re looking for a piece of symbolic jewellery to add to your collection, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at our most popular symbol jewellery at HOJ, and the meanings that lie beneath it.

The Symbolism Of The Lightning Bolt

In Greek mythology, the lightning bolt symbol is a sign of the gods and their revenge but when it comes to jewellery, it represents power and strength and is the perfect symbol for customers who strive to be a strong and powerful presence. Our Lightning Bolt studs are a beautiful design, in their symmetry and simplicity representing strong souls who value the knowledge of self and others.

Featured Jewellery: ST-1542

The Symbolism Of The Star & Moon 

The star and moon symbols have always appeared in jewellery, commonly seen together as one like our Sterling silver star and moon CZ necklace seen below. It is said that the moon is a feminine force and the stars can often represent good luck and fortune. It signifies change, creativity, and empowerment. A star and moon necklace is the perfect piece for anyone who’s going through big life changes and can be a reminder of empowerment.

Featured Necklace: N-1332

The Symbolism Of The Evil Eye

Do you know what the evil eye means? This iconic symbol is a trendy piece of jewellery and can be found basically anywhere. However, many people are unaware of its origins and symbolism. The evil eye carries different meanings in various cultures but many now wear it as a fashion statement. It is said that the evil eye reflects negative energy, right before it reaches you and that’s why many wear an evil eye necklace in particular. The common colors of the evil eye represent different meanings. For example, a dark blue is for karma and fate, while light blue is for general protection.

Featured Jewellery: N-1493

The Symbolism Of The Bumblebee

Our bumblebee necklace below, is not only beautiful but symbolic too. So what does the bee represent? What is the meaning of bee jewellery? The bumblebee symbolizes community, friendship, and brightness. It can also connote the guardians of the natural world holding power and energy.

Featured Necklace: N-1482

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