Gold or silver jewellery? What suits your customer best?

Gold or silver jewellery? When it comes to jewellery, there are many styles, metals and endless options to choose from. Your customers may be unsure about whether to wear gold or silver, which metal looks best on their skin, or if they can wear both gold and silver jewellery together? 

We have created some tips to help you guide your customers through choosing the right metal of jewellery. Once you have guided them through these steps, it will be easier for you to pick our jewellery pieces that work well for them.

1) Jewellery and skin tone

Like makeup, the first tip and perhaps the most important one is to consider their skin tone. Skin tone plays a role in determining the best choice of metal to deliver. If you have a physical store, it is best to have a mirror in a room with natural lighting so you can see your customers’ natural skin tones. Pick out a variety of staple pieces in gold and silver and hold them up to your customers face. Which color brings out the natural colors to the face? Does the piece of jewellery compliment the eyes? These are the kinds of questions that you will need to consider to decide if your customer has a warm or cool tone.

2) Jewellery for cool skin tones

Below is an image for cool skin tones. Cooler skin tones will have blue  or purple veins with pink or red undertones. People with cool skin tones tend to have green/blue eyes and blond, black, or brown hair. The perfect option for cooler skin tones lend towards silver jewellery, along with pearls, sapphire, ruby, opal and so forth. These metals and stones brighten skin and other features making it suitable for your customer with cooler skin tones. 

3) Jewellery for warm skin tones

If your customer tans easily or is naturally darker, chances are they have a warmer skin tone that lends towards gold jewellery. Warm skin tones tend to have greenish colored veins and have yellow or golden undertones within their skin. Additionally, gemstones that suit warm skin tones range from yellow diamonds, emerald, garnet and so forth. 

4) Two-toned jewellery

Of course individuals are not obligated to 1 set of metal whether it’s gold or silver. There is no right or wrong when it comes to jewellery! The tips above are a guide for you when customers are unsure of what type of metal to go for depending on their skin tone. However, one trend in particular is two-toned jewellery which has become increasingly popular, and works well for both skin tones. When mixing the two metals together, it’s best to have a balance rather than overdoing one of the metals.

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