Simple jewellery photography props you can use on a budget

When it comes to jewellery, there are simple jewellery photography props you can use on a budget to get that high-quality photo. This can help encourage sales but also make your shots more creative and diverse can help build a stronger brand image. If customers can’t see detailed jewellery images on your website or social media, how else will you convenience them that your jewellery is worth purchasing? This blog will guide you through the tips and tricks to achieve innovative images on a budget. 

Jewellery Photography Equipment

Here are some of the basic jewellery photography equipment you’ll want to have:

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Lighting source
  • Table
  • White background
  • Foam board (box)
  • Sticky tack 
  • Polishing cloth

Once you have the basic jewellery equipment you’ll want to move into the fun side of things… props! If you want to be successful in selling jewellery, you must learn to use different types of props and backgrounds to create interesting photos that can help sell your jewellery to your customers. A good resource for inspiration is platforms like Pinterest as well as Instagram. 

There is no right or wrong way to arrange your jewellery but adding props can increase the sales of jewellery items and also helps create a better brand image in the industry. Obviously, there are endless options in props that can be used to enhance the photograph but below are a list of affordable props that can be used endlessly in different ways.

Here is a list of props we think would work well with jewellery while being on a budget:

  1. Dried Flowers

Like having fake plants, dried flowers can come in handy when you want to add a bit of spark to your jewellery photographs. Another advantage is that dried flowers/plants last longer and only need to be dusted off when needed. The images (Figures 1&2) are the perfect example to show how one small prop can make a big difference. 

  1. Garments & Fabrics

Although it may be necessary to have white backdrops for jewellery, we like to take it a step further and experiment with different colored fabrics. Thrift stores are the perfect place to pick up scrap fabrics.

  1. Tray Displays

When taking product photography shots, it is important to match the product with its surroundings. Marble trays are perfect as they can match every metal and style of jewellery. To fill space, lay things onto them as well like dried flowers or other props that you have laying around.

Featured Jewellery: PPC-075-10, TFIG-040-10

Watch our Youtube video that dives deeper into how to take better jewellery photos.

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