How to prepare for picky customers?

How do you prepare for picky customers that are never satisfied? There is always that one “picky” customer that comes into a store and is very particular about what they like and what they don’t. If you’re wondering how to handle picky customers without risking a sales loss, keep reading to learn the top 3 ways to help pick out jewellery for a picky customer.

Gather staple pieces 

Staple pieces allow you to go from day to night effortlessly and still look chic. You can never go wrong with staple pieces. This is the perfect opportunity to help guide your picky customers with staple pieces to add to their collection. Below is a list of staple pieces your “picky” customers are guaranteed to love:

  1. Diamond studs: must-have accessory, they can be for whenever and wherever – for work, school, or special occasions.
  2. Pendant necklaces: easy to wear on their own or can be layered up with other necklaces. It allows the wearer to discover more looks. 
  3. Stacking rings: this allows you to create more interesting looks.

Set up displays

Having jewellery displays can provide multiple advantages. There are a wide variety of options like neck displays, earring displays, ring trays, and so forth. It increases the visual charm of jewellery pieces and can help you guide those customers leaving them happy and satisfied. Below is a list of tips on how you should display your jewellery pieces:

  1. Keep it minimal: Dirty displays and overloaded pieces can make your customer get cut off guard and feel overwhelmed. It’s best to show your most popular products and styles you think every customer should want. Display staple pieces, like chain necklaces, simple studs, and so forth.
  2. Create a visual display: Don’t mix and match. When it comes to metals and the different types of jewellery pieces you want to display make sure to keep them categorized. Necklaces on one display, studs on another. It attracts the passer-by’s attention quickly. You can also experiment with heights, positions, and different sizes to make your display stand out and visually appealing. 
  3. Keep it consistent: When you’re deciding what display units you want in your store, make sure that it looks professional and consistent. Pick up to two or three colours but not more than that. Another thing is balance, you want all your displays to flow so it gives your customers ease when they are browsing through your display.
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Be prepared

According to a survey, one-third of customers buying decision depends on the display of jewellery items as well as other factors of course. It is important to be prepared physically in your showroom as well as mentally knowing that it may take time to find pieces for that picky customer. We hope these tips and tricks on how to prepare for a picky customer will help bring light to you when you have to deal with picky customers. Be prepared and hope for the best!

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