A Guide to Multiple Ear Piercings

Multiple ear piercings have been a trend for a long time. It is an opportunity to explore a whole new set of options for self-expression through trendy jewellery pieces. There are so many options to choose from and endless possibilities for styling. From minimalist studs to elaborate hoops and dangly drop earrings, we will help guide you through the types of ear piercings you should carry in your collection.

The Different Types of Piercings

There are many different piercings that can be done on the ear. However, here are some of the most popular multiple piercing options: 

Lower lobe piercings – The standard piercing, lower lobe piercings are on the lobe at the bottom of the ear.

High lobe piercings – Higher lobe piercings are slightly higher up the ear lobe.

Cartilage piercings – Cartilage piercings are done in the cartilage, the very top of the ear where it is tough but flexible tissue.
Tragus piercings – Sits on the small area of cartilage that partially covers the ear canal. This piercing is more contemporary.

5 On-trend Earrings for Multiple Piercings

Studs – Display basic stud earrings 

Hoops – Hoops earrings can be a bold way to style your multiple ear piercings. Choosing different sizes can create a layered stack. 

Huggies – Huggie earrings, which are smaller hoops hug closely to the ear. These guys are an excellent choice for multiple piercings.

Climbers – For those customers that may not have multiple piercings, climbers give the effect of multiple piercings on the lobe. 
Cuffs – Ear cuffs give the opportunity to experiment with piercing ideas, without the need for a piercing. Cuffs slide onto the cartilage of an ear and add a bit of flare to any ear game.

Final Thoughts

Earrings can definitely complete any outfit choice. A dainty touch of shimmer or a simple stud adds more of an edge to any occasion. At House of Jewellery, you’ll find a wide assortment of earrings in several trendy designs. From studs, hoops and drop earrings we have what you are looking for.

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