What is November’s Birthstone?

This month is dedicated to all our November born gems! What is November’s birthstone? Those with November birthdays have two birthstones to their name – topaz and citrine. What does each November birthstone mean and what does it say about you? Let’s dice straight into what these gemstones are all about!

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Birthstones have become an integral part of our society today and are a great choice for a gift. Topaz was the first original birthstone for November and Citrine came after around 1910. The two November birthstones are known to have calming energies and are best styled with an outfit displaying tonalities of browns and tans. There are so many colors, sizes, and designs to choose from when it comes to birthstones. It is experimental and fun to work with and is becoming a popular feature in jewellery nowadays.


Citrine – Gets its name from the French word, “citrin”, which means lemon. The birthstone has a bright yellow tone with shades of gold. The citrine birthstone is commonly known as the “healing quartz” giving positive energy. The citrine gemstone pairs well with both silver and gold jewellery.
Topaz – There are a range of magnificent colors in topaz: pale blue, pink, red, brown and varying shades of yellow. The colors vary due to minor element substitution and defects in the crystal structure. Topaz is associated with qualities like strength, determination and resilience.

During this month, November’s birthstone jewellery makes the perfect gift. Whether your customers are looking at a pendant birthstone or electrifying rings, House of Jewellery carries what you’re looking for. To learn more facts about November’s birthstones visit this blog here!

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