Top Holiday Trends 2022

The holidays are right around the corner and you know what that means, stock up on the top holiday trends! As you begin to prepare for this holiday season you may be wondering what everyone’s looking for. At House of Jewellery, we have pulled together all the hottest trends that you may want to purchase this year. Continue reading to learn more about the top holiday jewellery trends to ensure your customers will have a jolly Christmas.

House of Jewellery

Mixed Metals

Although gold jewellery was a huge trend over the past couple of years, we are now definitely seeing mixed metals come into play. This is a popular trend recently and is perfect for customers who can’t decide what style to choose from. Mixing metals is a stylish way to add visual interest and adds dimension to an outfit.

Personalized Jewellery

Personalized jewellery carries an emotional aspect and is more than a fashion statement. Many retailers have focused a lot this year on personalized jewellery, whether it’s alphabetical letters, names, or even dates. Possibilities are endless with personalized jewellery and this is why it would be our top recommendation to have in your collection this holiday season.

Colourful Jewellery

We’re seeing all sorts of styles that are mixed with colorful gemstones. It brings a playful and contemporary look to jewellery. Some customers may be shy to colour but having a pop of colour can change your whole mood and fashion look.


Hoops are the kind of accessory that never goes out of style, making it one of our top picks for this year’s top holiday trends.

Happy Selling and Happy Holidays!

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