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What is Private Labelling?

Private labelling is to either use HOJ’s existing designs or to provide HOJ with a new jewellery design to be manufactured for their label or brand. This includes having a logo, brand name, or other details stamped or etched into products. This is to give the jewellery a customized element that furthers brand awareness. 

What metals are available?

We currently offer private labeling in solid gold or sterling silver

How long is the process?

Karat Gold Personalized Jewellery includ

Overall it can be 8 to 12 weeks.
The first four to six weeks are the initial production of the sample: 
  • Provide a sample that meets your vision 

  • Confirming the physical appearance and weight of the sample along with technical measurements 

  • Approving the sample

Afterward, it takes about another four to six weeks for manufacturing based on manufacturing ability and any local holidays we need to factor in. We urger clients to plan one or two seasons in advance to ensure the product you wish to private label is ready to launch for the appropriate season.
Note: Depending on the final design you wish to produce the duration of waittime may vary which the process is shorter or longer.

How does the process work?

There are two scenarios when it comes to the process of private labellling.
Scenario A: HOJ’s existing designs
If you’re choosing to private label an existing HOJ design, the process is a lot quicker because we usually have a sample in stock. The only detail that would change would be the addition of a logo, stone replacement, or any other basic changes such as length or size of the desired piece. 
Scenario B: A new complete custom private label item
As we are dealing with a new product concept, the process is a bit longer. The process is as follows:
  • Initial client meetings (we would need to have a clear sketch, rendition, or piece of inspiration for the new design you’re looking to have manufactured)  
  • Forward the design to the appropriate manufacturer and have them provide a 3D image of what the product will look like
  • Sample approval Note: It is imperative that samples are approved before we start with production as there are no changes that can be made after approval is made. 

How much does it cost? 

HOJ charges a flat fee of $250 + tax per item you want to manufacture. This fee covers the following costs:
  • The initial client meeting

  • Your 3D renditions

  • The cost of shipping or couriering the sampleto the manufacturer and receiving it in return

  • General overhead process

Should you not want to go through with the process, the fee is non-refundable.

Is there a minimum order quantity? 

Yes, but they differ depending on the metal of choice and final manufacturing partner. As a general rule of thumb, Sterling silver products are a minimum of 50 pieces, 10 per size for rings. Karat gold is 15 pieces, five per ring size.

Why should you private label?

One major reason why your brand should consider private label is because it helps to generate brand awareness, can be cost-effective and builds loyalty for your business and your customers. It also gives a face to your brand and shows them that you are confident in your product offering  to stand behind a product you believe in enough to put your name on it. 

How do you work with brands that have a mission to use only recycled metals or ensure that sustainable manufacturing processes have been employed?

We have manufacturers who have received Responsible Jewellery Council Certifications, some who have ISO certification and others who employ green energy. If this is what you prefer, please let us know when we discuss your initial design concept so we can filter an appropriate manufacturing partner for you. 

What other services do you offer?

With private labelling we also offer a ton of marketing support such as the following:
  • High Resolution HD Images

  • Editorial Photos and Content 

  • SEO Descriptions

  • Packaging on occasion 

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