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What is Private Label?

What kind of metals can be used for private labelling?

How long is the process?

What is the cost of private labelling?

Are the minimum product quantities?

What services are provided in conjunction with private labelling?

Do you card the product?


What is Private Label?

To have either HOJ’s existing designs or to provide HOJ with a new jeweller concept manufactured for their label or brand. This includes having a logo, brand name, or other details stamped or etched into products. This is to give the jewellery a customized element that furthers brand awareness.

What kind of metals can be used for private labelling?

HOJ offers silver, gold, and gold-filled options for private labelling.

How long is the process?

Overall it can be eight to 12 weeks.

The first six are the initial production of the sample:

  • Making sure it meets your needs

  • Confirming the physical appearance

  • Approving the sample

Afterwards, it takes about another four to six weeks for manufacturing.

Sometimes there are situations in which the process is shorter or longer. These are usually based on factors such as the relationship between HOJ and your company, as well as the sample itself.

We always urge clients to plan one season in advance to ensure the product is ready to launch for the appropriate season.

How does the private label process work?

As mentioned before, you either take one of our existing designs or a new one that you want to be manufactured under your brand name.

If you’re choosing to private label an existing HOJ design, the process is a lot quicker because we usually have a sample in stock. The only detail that would change would be the addition of a logo, stone replacement, or any other basic changes.

The process is longer for a new design. The process is as follows:

  • Initial client meetings (via in-person or conference call software) to establish what your needs are. We would need to have a clear sketch, rendition, or piece of inspiration for the new design you’re looking to have manufactured.

  • Forward the design to the appropriate manufacturer and have them provide you with a 3D image of what the product will look like.

  • Sending a sample to see the product in-person and approve of it before having your order made.

- In sterling silver, samples may not be necessary if you’ve worked with us in the past or you know the quality of the goods you’re receiving

- In gold, it is mandatory to have a sample because the cost of the metal is so inhibited we want to ensure there’s no room for error

  • When you approve of the sample and signed off on it, we would go ahead and put it into production, which takes about four to six weeks to complete

What is the cost of private labelling?

HOJ charges a $250 CAD + tax fee per item you want to manufacture. This fee covers the following costs:

  • The initial client meeting

  • Your 3D renditions

  • The cost of shipping or couriering the sample to the manufacturer and receiving it in return

  • General overhead process

Should you not want to go through with the process, the fee is non-refundable.

Are the minimum product quantities?

Yes, but they differ depending on the metal of choice. Sterling silver products are a minimum of 50 pieces, 10 per size for rings. Karat gold is 12 pieces, five per ring size.

What services are provided in conjunction with private labelling?

We offer the following services if you need them:

  • Marketing support

- A high-resolution photo of the product

- Editorial photos

- Descriptions for SEO purposes

These are to help support our clients. They do have a fee, and it depends on how aggressive you want your marketing campaign to be, along with the image quantity per product.

Do you card the product?



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