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Jewellery Care

Our jewellery is crafted to last a lifetime. 
However, with normal wear, proper jewellery care is required to maintain its beauty.

Our team at House of Jewellery has created this Jewellery Care to direct you in the proper care of your jewellery. We hope that you will find these guidelines helpful and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call us at 1-800-668-4422.

Clean Your Jewellery With Care

The best way to clean your silver and gold jewellery is by purchasing a jewellery polishing cloth and gently rubbing your piece of jewellery with the cloth. After a couple of strokes of the cloth over the jewellery, the jewellery is restored to its original condition and is ready to wear once again. Avoid the use of tissue or paper towels because the fibres in these materials can cause scratches. House of Jewellery does not recommend that you dip your jewellery in jewellery cleaning solutions as this will remove the jewellery’s natural protective cover and prevent it from restoration in the future.

An insider’s secret is to rub your silver and gold with your household toothpaste and toothbrush and rinse with warm water. You will be amazed to see the difference.

Plated Jewellery:

Some of the pieces that House of Jewellery carries are rhodium, gold or rose gold plated. These pieces go through a special manufacturing process to make the silver look like another colour. It is very IMPORTANT that your customers handle these pieces similar to fine jewellery. The jewellery wearing guide below provides some good tips on how to better care for these pieces but the onus is on your customer to ensure they are taking the proper steps to take care of their jewellery pieces.

If your customers notice discolouration and a reaction to some of our plated pieces, advise them to STOP wearing the pieces immediately as their body’s natural acidity is reacting to the manufacture’s plating process. House of Jewellery does not take any responsibility for the effects of these pieces on the end-user.  

Avoid Cleaning Damaged Jewellery
The additional handling of damaged jewellery is likely to exacerbate or worsen the problem. Please have it repaired prior to any cleaning attempt.

Here are some basic guidelines to consider when wearing jewellery:

  • Remove Jewellery When Performing Labour Intensive Tasks, or Sports – When performing labour intensive tasks, remove your jewellery to prevent physical damage or exposure to chemicals or cleaning fluids. When wearing your precious jewellery, avoid kitchen work, gardening, cleaning the house, playing sports, or simply remove prior to performing these tasks.
  • Put Jewellery On After Cosmetic Application – Save the best for last by putting on your jewellery after applying makeup. Cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes and lotion often contain chemicals that can damage jewellery. Putting jewellery on after applying cosmetic application will limit these harmful materials from causing potential damage to your precious metals.
  • Removed Jewellery Before Entering Pools or Spas – Chlorinated water may cause colour changes and even structural damage due to chlorine’s reaction with metals. Therefore, it is best to remove your precious metals when swimming or going to spas.
  • Remove Your Jewellery Before Bathing – Soap can cause a film to form, making it appear dull and dingy.

Jewellery Storage

Jewellery organization may become difficult as your collection gets larger. Listed below are suggestions that we have assembled to keep your jewellery organized and orderly:

  • Keep Your Jewellery Secure: Store your collection in a jewellery box/fabric to prevent pieces from moving around and getting tangled.
  • When Travelling with Jewellery, Use a Case: It’s wise to use a travel case to protect your favourite pieces. It is a good idea to invest in a jewellery travel case that can easily roll up and be stored in most suitcases, bags, etc.


Inspect Your Jewellery Regularly

Prevention is key. Always check and inspect your jewellery for any possible problems. Addressing signs of damage, or loose gemstones will prevent further damage or loss. Regular inspection of jewellery will keep all of your pieces in excellent shape for years.

Jewellery Repairs

Repairing Jewellery

Nothing lasts forever, but you may extend the life of your jewellery by performing repairs when necessary. House of Jewellery is located in Canada’s Jewellery Hub, we can refer you to a jeweller in our building to perform your jewellery repairs. You may also bring us your jewellery and we will have it sent for repair at a nominal cost on most occasions.

Prevent Your Jewellery from Tarnishing

Silver tarnishes due to the nature of the metal, but mainly it is because of being exposed to atmospheric sulphur found in the air. Furthermore, if the end user of the product has high acidity in their skin, this will speed up the tarnishing process for the jewellery item. To ensure the longer life of your precious silver jewellery, try to keep it in a cool dry place that is not exposed to sunlight when not worn. Furthermore, Rhodium Plated Silver has been plated and thus the underlying silver does not tarnish. House of Jewellery offers a wide variety of Anti-Tarnish jewellery as well. Please contact us for more information.

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