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With over 30+ years of experience in the jewellery business
House of Jewellery can help you create exclusive jewellery collections - proprietary only to you! 

How It Works! 
Custom jewellery provides you with a unique, one of a kind product, that can set your business apart from your competition.
Define your brand by creating a unique design and have House of Jewellery convert your jewellery vision into reality.

The design process can be summarized into five easy steps:

Step 1:   Consultation and Sketch - Meet with us in-person, or remotely, and have one of our designers sketch your dream design into reality.
Step 2:   Once we have finalized your sketch; convert this into a 3D CAD/CAM File that will help you visualize your dream product in multiple dimensions.
Step 3:   Hold onto a real prototype of your product through a resin wax and make any last minute changes that may be necessary to perfect your design.
Step 4:   We cast your piece of jewellery in your preferred precious metal and ensure that every detail is captured in the casting
Step 5:   Our experienced jewellers will finish your final product and deliver your visioned product into reality!

Our team will guide you through every step of the design process to develop your own signature jewelry line, or you may simply modify our existing products by changing plating colour, stone(s), length, clasp, or size.

Pricing & Timing Delivery
Custom orders typically take approximately four to six weeks to process from concept to production. Project times will vary based on your jewellery requirements. A more specific production schedule can be provided to you once your specifications have been received.

Based on the type of jewellery and customization work involved, House of Jewellery may require minimum order quantities for our custom services.
Pricing is dependent on the design chosen, but House of Jewellery will ensure to provide the product at the most competitive prices available on the market!

To place a custom order and for more details regarding our custom process,
contact us today!

We look forward to bringing your creative vision into reality!

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